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Today we are living at the intersection of smart technology and analytics. Companies are increasingly reliant on technologies like big data and artificial intelligence (AI) to solve complex business problems. At Vission Technology, we recognize the industry need for powerful software solutions and professional consulting services that make business decisions easier.

While our R&D team fine-tunes a patented AI technology to identify patterns in 3D models, our business and technology experts customize and develop our flagship spatial analysis and workplace management tools. We also have analysts at the ready to provide on-site consulting to suit each client’s needs.

Cities around the globe are continuously evolving and growing more complex. This means more value can be extracted from spatial data, resulting in enhanced project planning and better business decisions.

Every business wants to cut costs and improve productivity. An effective facility management process could maximize the use of every square inch of space in a building, thereby freeing up valuable time and resources previously spent on managing company property.

Car owners often pay higher insurance premiums than they should, while insurance companies are also losing money to fraudulence. An accurate tool for assessing vehicle damage automatically goes a long way to ameliorate these problems encountered in the industry.

World-class tools can come with world-class headaches. A few simple changes to an existing IT system could vastly improve its security, speed and efficiency – resulting in significant cost reductions for businesses.

GIS (Geographic Information Systems) can benefit organizations in almost every industry. Knowing how to use GIS data effectively leads to a better use of resources and better decision making.

The way businesses recruit IT talent has changed dramatically over the years. Now, there’s a much wider and deeper pool of tech experts out there. The right candidate could be living thousands of miles away and outperforming the local talent.

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Managed IT Services: Why It Matters

We live in a digital world that is constantly undergoing changes. The same can be said for businesses that have made technology a fixture in their daily operations. These organizations have to continuously adapt to both expected and unforeseen technological advancements, but for most small and medium sized enterprises this can be difficult to maneuver. […]
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The Future of Connected Car Insurance

Currently 58% of Canadians who pay for auto insurance indicate that they prefer everything to be digital. Two-thirds think premiums should fairly reflect their vehicle usage and driving performance, and what they pay now is too high.  What can we do to change that? Image source: tumblr In Canada, there is a growing sense among […]
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Canadian Customs to Test Blockchain For Freight Shipment Tracking

Blockchain in transportation is slowly becoming mainstream. Now, federal agencies are beginning to adopt this technology. The Canada Border Services Agency has become one of 90 organizations testing a blockchain solution to digitize the entire freight tracking process. On October 25, 2018, the CBSA partnered up with the Port of Montreal to use a blockchain-fueled […]
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As companies around the world face an increasingly competitive economic environment, maximizing the use of resources and assets becomes ever more vital for their long-term success. This is why more and more businesses are looking to adopt Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS) to extract as much value as possible out of their physical properties, which […]
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