How AI, IoT and 5G Can Make A Big Difference

December 18, 2018

Nowadays, almost every sector is utilizing IoT (Internet of Things) technology to improve their operations and the overall economy. IoT technology relies heavily on using sensors to process and analyze vast quantities of data to achieve automation – using artificial intelligence to make instantaneous decisions without human intervention.
In the future, industry experts believe the introduction of 5G technology will make the transition into automation seamless. Not only does 5G technology add capacity, its speed and latency could also make interactions much more precise than the previous 4G network used with sensors.

Imagine a world where we can monitor hospitalized patients in real-time or follow the growth of crops by the millisecond. In vehicles, IoT data provides warnings about deteriorated car parts, maintenance needs and road conditions. With improved connectivity, we may see fewer traffic accidents and congestions. If all goes well, we could see cities, governments, firms and individuals benefit from a comprehensive network that has all the information we need – all within our immediate reach.
Of course, the combination of these technologies will not solve every single problem in the world, but it is leading us toward a new approach to combat these problems with efficiency and innovation.