Website Development: How to Start Creating Engaging Content for Today’s Consumers

November 25, 2019

Engaging websites can make sales for small business owners while allowing them to focus on growing their business. However, not all websites are created equal, so not all do the job well. The process of developing an engaging website starts with identifying the right content to represent your business.

Understanding Today’s Consumer Behavior

Consumers are becoming more suspicious than ever before

Consumers feel suspicious about sales representatives. Instead of hearing sales propositions, they now prefer to evaluate presented business arguments on their own. According to Dr. Peter Darke, a professor of Psychology at UBC, and his colleagues:

… it has become the consumer's default position to react negatively to what is perceived as an attempt to manipulate him or her. Even when there isn't an obvious motive for a salesperson's flattery, such as generating a sale, we are programmed to assume the worst. [1]

Dr. Peter Darke

In his research, Dr. Darke highlights that direct sales are perceived negatively by consumers as no one likes to be told what to think. Today’s consumers want to make their own decisions so businesses need to be viewed as trustworthy experts presenting a business argument that consumers would likely agree.

How to Position Your Company

So, instead of trying to sell a product/service, businesses need to be viewed as experts to their consumers. Experts are not afraid to take risks when sharing their ideas and arguments. It is therefore important for your company to find a strong voice and opinion when creating your content.

In his book, Dan Pink exposes the mismatch between what science knows and what business does.[2] As one company’s workers are another’s customers, companies can motivate their consumers by providing something of value without asking anything in return. This approach gives businesses a chance to present any argument they want and allows consumers the freedom to evaluate the argument themselves.

How to Present Your Argument

Since an expert is only as good as their expert opinion, consumers begin evaluating them through their sources, and the way the expert selects and delivers information. According to a TED writer, the most effective way to persuade someone is to make a presentation that passes a test on quality, logic and emotion. As an expert, you should logically deliver your knowledge, present accurate details and express genuine interest in your topic.

On your business website, you are the industry expert showing how your business can benefit your consumers. To make a persuasive argument, put yourself in the position of your audience. Think about what a person might think about your business before they see you first on the web.

To learn more about how to create engaging follow the article Websites Using the Art of Visual Presentation or if you have any other questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

Before starting on the creation of your website content, you might check out the following resources:

Choose a content writer that understands your business, and is able to work with you on creating meaningful content for your website.

Remember, your website is a virtual YOU!


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