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February 12, 2020

Entrepreneurs want to know what the main driver of success is when starting their business ventures. If we compile a list of all the successful businesses around the world, there is one common theme: efficiency. In today’s environment, efficiency is often associated with technology, which is only becoming more important to everyday businesses. 

Technology allows businesses to improve efficiency by maximizing resources within various time constraints. Big corporations realized that by investing large amounts of resources into advancing technologies, their businesses could adapt and thrive into the future. This could be even more important for small businesses in a highly competitive business landscape. By being just marginally more efficient than competitors of similar size and scope, a small business can grow into a local customer hub quickly. 

The following are some of the technologies that could give small businesses an advantage over their rivals: 

Digital Tracking

For modern businesses, there is always more than one thing happening and can feel overwhelming as many tasks are being done simultaneously. Your business inbox might be constantly bombarded with inquiries and feedback. Communications with clients and vendors are a daily occurrence. New projects are entering in the pipeline even before existing projects are completed. Although this is not necessarily a bad thing, it is just impossible to monitor and track everything at the same time.

Now, with the right technology, a lot of that work will be done automatically. There are software and platforms that can help you keep an eye on each task. There are also tools for consolidating and analyzing information that can be used to improve the workflow. Everything will be easier, faster and more transparent, allowing you to shift your focus from managing to expanding the business.

How do today’s entrepreneurs apply tracking technology? Almost all online businesses use digital tracking to catalogue and analyze consumer behavior. We are living in an information age, and how we keep track of and leverage data, can become a great advantage.

Group Training and Communication

Not all employees work on site, and this is one of the growing business trends of the 21st Century. Although this may lead to cost savings and more convenience for the off-site team members, the amount of time spent on communications and training could still make this arrangement less productive.

One of the key benefits of modern workplace technology is the ability to connect everyone regardless of where they are. Group messaging has evolved into web conferences and online training, which are now commonly used by multinationals. For small businesses, the capacity to streamline the communications process makes it easier to integrate new staff and to improve teamwork and morale.

Digital Marketing

 Having the expertise and technology is only part of running a business. Without marketing, no venture can fully maximize its market reach and sales potential. In the digital age, what had been traditionally viewed as optional marketing strategies, such as email newsletters and social media, have now become a staple part of every business.

Marketing experts are constantly racing against one another to find the ideal solution to establish their organization’s online presence. Platforms that can effortlessly manage digital content are the real “marketing department” of your business, and businesses are starting to realize how much easier it is to reach their audience. Automation not only benefits manufacturers, it is also becoming the new standard in online marketing.

Cloud Storage

Data is a vital part of every business entity, and the storage of data is often intertwined with cloud technology. There is an obvious reason why all organizations are moving onto the cloud — security and reliability.

However, the advantages of cloud storage can go beyond what we are accustomed to. Once again, mobility and efficiency can also accompany cloud hosting and offline servers. If your staff are on the road a lot, no problem — cloud storage can dramatically increase the speed at which they are connected to what is needed to get work done. The possibilities of cloud technology can go beyond the office.

As an entrepreneur, these are some of the basic areas you should be looking into as you develop your business for the 21st century. Do your research, find the right service providers, and always keep your ears open to the technological innovations of the day.

If you are thinking of making a change in how your IT services work for you, remember: 

A strong IT infrastructure is the backbone of a growing business.

Choose an experienced managed IT service provider

who will handle all day-to-day IT headaches, so you don’t have to!


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