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Real-time, in-field insights to maximize yield

The agriculture industry has long been using aerial technology to monitor crop fields and spray chemicals.

Today the potential benefits of flying over farms have expanded. Aerial vehicles are now able to identify damages and estimate crop yields regardless of the field size.

The agricultural sector has been slowly shifting away from the traditional methods and towards high-tech precision farming. The modern farms now utilize data-driven problem solving to visualize and analyze what is the best way to reduce costs and maximize yields.

Drone Surveying

Drones are an ideal tool to survey large and complex areas of land – which is why they are ideal for agriculture.

GIS Processing & Analysis

Knowing how to gather and interpret geospatial data can lead to powerful insights.

Asset Management

Whether it is mobile assets like tractors or fixed assets like processing plants, we provide real-time analytic support.

For Vission Technology, the emphasis is on how the present agricultural data acquisition, generation and analysis techniques are perfected. Our GIS tools and drone technology perform a multitude of functions that supplement today’s agricultural business:

  • Crop-specific mapping
  • Crop health and assessment
  • Irrigated landscape mapping
  • Soil and irrigation analysis
  • Elevation and vegetation models
  • Yield estimation

Crop Monitoring

Drones offer a quick way of monitoring the health of plants at all times. A bird’s eye view of the entire field eliminates the reliance on manual labor and risks associated with human error or injury.

Growth Forecast

With data for every square inch of the field, it is much simpler to make measurements, comparisons and predictions on crop growth.

Local Environment Analysis

Our drones can be equipped with thermal and multi-spectral sensors capable of detecting changes in soil moisture, pest activity and species composition, informing workers which part of the field needs attention.