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Helping you understand every part of the landscape

As a BC-based company, Vission Technology is proud to be part of a world-leading provincial community in sustainable forest management. By leveraging our knowledge in GIS, LiDAR and drone surveying technologies, we collaborate with local partners to support every branch of their operations, ensuring that our forests are healthy and responsibly managed.


Faster than traditional survey methods



  • Free to grow survey
  • Brush assessment survey
  • SLAM LiDAR backpack survey
  • mountain-river-rocks

    Resource Analysis

  • Species and health monitoring
  • Damage and threat detection
  • Interactive maps (2D & 3D)
  • Forest Inventory

    Forest Inventory

  • Tree counts and measurements
  • Area-based density estimates
  • Timber cruising and appraisals
  • pine-forest

    Harvest Planning

  • Simulations for decision making
  • Forecast, valuation and modelling
  • Harvest schedules and logistics
  • Our Technology

    High-quality imagery on the fly

    The forest is one of the most complex land areas on Earth. Managing thousands of acres of woodlands can be difficult using traditional satellite imaging, which is why we provide the best tools for understanding every square inch of the landscape.

    We aim to deliver the fastest and most accurate way to analyze forests using our patented drone surveying technology.

    Sustainable management of woodlands brings social, environmental and economic benefits. This requires actively monitoring the landscape to make the right assessments and plan ahead.

    With the ability to visualize the terrain and canopy and convert the information into 3D models, drones provide a new perspective for the forestry industry.

    Digital Orthophotos

    Being able to capture multiple high-resolution images and combine them into a single orthomap gives Forest Managers a bird’s-eye overview and the ability to drill down to view a single tree.

    Elevation Models

    Digital elevation models play an important role in analyzing forest systems. They offer insight into watercourse locations, sunlight hours and wind exposure, as well as the risk of floods and landslides.


    Surveying with drones offers an alternative way for planners to quantify the resources available and estimate their value.