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Pipeline inspection made easier and safer

At Vission Technology, we understand the challenges and risks faced by natural gas operations in Canada, from the constraints of planning and construction to the complexity of regulatory requirements. We work closely with clients and industry stakeholders using our patented technology to help them deliver and maintain successful gas pipeline projects.


  • Route Planning
  • Asset Management
  • Facility Surveying
  • Pipeline Surveying
  • Compiled Mapping
  • Topographic Surveying
Our goal is to realize
  • increased cost savings
  • reduced downtime
  • enhanced safety

Drones are transforming how some of the most common tasks in pipeline operations are performed.

Traditionally, operators would have to conduct inspections manually for every pipe segment. Now, some of the largest companies around the world are using drones to oversee their operations and improve the safety of their workers.

Drones equipped with remote sensing technology are able to capture real-time data and feed them to tablet screens over 100 km away. This way, the entire pipeline inspection and maintenance process becomes faster, cheaper and safer.

Hazard Detection

By taking imagery from above, drones instantaneously inform operators on the conditions of pipelines so they can document and address any concerns (leaks, defects, etc.) right away.

Site Planning

The value of drone deployment extends beyond the operation stage. Drones can also aid site construction planning by surveying the entire area for ideal build-out locations.


The advantage drones have over traditional survey methods is quick access to data, making it easier for operators to perform scheduled maintenance.