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New Ideas Create Smarter Cities

The intricate nature of modern cities makes urban planning a difficult endeavour. As part of the urban landscape, Vission Technology is dedicated to not only reducing the complexities associated with city planning, but also to becoming a foundational player in smart city development.


Drones & LiDAR

LiDAR surveying is an ideal method for building modelling, inspection and assessment.

What you can do with LiDAR:

  • 3D modelling of buildings
  • Creation of “digital twins”
  • Structural inspections
  • Impact assessment
  • Preservation


GIS Analysis

GIS systems provide a foundation of smart city projects through data acquisition and processing.

GIS enables innovative city planning functions:

  • Utility network modelling
  • Asset management
  • Visualization of development scenarios
  • Climate impact analysis
  • Object classification
  • Noise and pollution analysis
  • City modelling

Shaping smart cities with LiDAR and geomatics