Point-Cloud Processing Services for Facilities

  • Intelligent
  • Accurate
  • Geo-located
Data Processing

Conversion of your point-cloud scans into valuable data has never been easier. Vission’s Scan2BIM services ensure amazing results in record time. We also offer consulting services for processing your LiDAR data into 2D and 3D geometries in your schema of choice. 


Vission’s Scan2BIM Service

  • Model Production
    • State of the art, semi-automated process for converting LiDAR scan data to BIM.
    • Models provided in 2D, 3D, CAD, BIM, and georeferenced geospatial formats.
    • Rapid production of structural floor plans following industry standards schemas.
  • Point-Cloud Registration
    • Align multiple overlapping point-clouds into a single seamless dataset.
  • Point-Cloud GeoRegistration
    • Align point-clouds to real-world location using control points or selected points on a map.