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Vission Technology stands for innovation. We strive to relentlessly improve upon the status quo in our industry, which means producing better quality deliverables in less time, and providing customers with breakthrough products and services that empower them to do things they couldn’t do before.

Vission works at the nexus of 3D, GIS and IoT. We primarily create GIS deliverables, like elevation models of mine sites, 3D building/city models, orthorectified aerial photos and many types of interactive maps, from LiDAR and imagery surveys. For clients that don’t already have GIS data, we also provide aerial drone surveys to collect LiDAR and imagery. Vission also develops software for 3D object visualization and analysis. We are currently building on our patented platform that uses AI to recognize different types of objects by analyzing their 3D structure. Our R&D team is also working on an asset management solution incorporating GIS, BIM and IoT into our existing AI technology.

The main reason for choosing Vission is the team. When you choose Vission, you’re not just hiring a contractor, you’re starting a partnership and bolstering your own expertise with ours. We know that every project starts with a business need, and we go the extra mile to understand those needs and tailor our services to meet them perfectly. With policies, products and services designed from the ground up, Vission has the flexibility to deliver your project more accurately, more quickly and with better results than competitors.

In the short term, our goal is to offer our customers better services and a wider variety of services. Our cloud-based 3D mapping application will be released soon, and we are very excited to hear the feedback from our customers. We think it will have a big positive impact on their work, because their models and maps will be available to everyone in the organization, not just people who have GIS software installed. Over the long-term we’ll be dedicating more resources to developing our asset management solution, integrating it with our AI and configuring it to recognize hundreds more asset types. When we’re done, we’ll be able to load up a big aerial LiDAR survey and have every object in that survey automatically recognized, digitized and added to an interactive inventory. We know this is going to be a game-changer for companies in many industries like mining, local government, construction and natural gas.

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Vission can help with all kinds of projects. Any project that requires a birds’ eye view, spatial analysis, location information or mapping is a project we can help with. Presently, the majority of our projects are in the mining and local government industries.

In almost every industry we serve, Vission’s role is to provide information and insight to decision makers. We employ the services of local businesses to support our work, and in turn we support larger organizations that develop our cities and communities into more prosperous, more connected and safer places to live.

Have you ever heard the phrase “You don’t know what you don’t know”? That’s why GIS consulting is important. Many people have never heard of GIS, and few people understand how it can help them on a project. With knowledge of GIS and your industry, Vission can identify opportunities to create value that most people would not be able to recognize. It is nearly impossible to stay up to date with all the newest technology. Our consulting services let you focus on what you do best, while finding insights in places you may never have thought to look.

Need an eye in the sky? Find out how Vission Technology helps companies understand their operations from a completely new perspective.

Business intelligence is just the beginning. Vission Technology‘s spatially-enabled Asset Management tools boost operational efficiency and cut costs significantly.


Our flagship product is our asset management platform, which will use our patented AI for 3D object recognition. It is currently not available to the public, but we are hoping to have it packaged up in a user friendly application before 2021. Another of our key products is our cloud-based GIS application and mobile data collection app. This will be available soon, and we know customers will benefit from how it proliferates location-based insights throughout the organization. Finally, we have our LiDAR processing algorithms, which automate the creation of 3D city models.

Yes. Vission is building a cloud-based GIS application and a next-gen asset management solution incorporating AI, BIM, IoT and GIS. Vission is constantly innovating and also builds software products customized for individual clients.

Yes. Vission has robust support infrastructure and outstanding customer service. We have a 24/7 support line and our staff are always ready to help. You can contact our support by phone, email, web chat, or through our dedicated customer portal.


If you’re not familiar with the technical terms of GIS services it can take hours of research to determine what service will work best for you. The most common decisions are around LiDAR vs Photogrammetry. In general, you should use LiDAR if your survey area has lots of vegetation and/or if you need very high detail in your model; you should use photogrammetry if your survey area has no vegetation or if detail is not critical and you want to keep costs down.

Vission can do a small, high priority job in under 24 hours. That includes conducting a drone survey, processing the data and producing an elevation model, a colour hillshade, aerial photos, contours, and asset tagging. In general, Vission goes from order to deliverable in 1-2 weeks. The costs vary significantly depending on which products a client wants, how quickly they need them, and type of terrain in their area of interest. For example, a simple aerial photography survey of a small area could be close to one thousand dollars, whereas a bare-ground elevation model of an area with thick vegetation and steep cliffs could cost over ten thousand.

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