GIS Solutions

GIS Solutions

At Vission Technology, we are space-oriented data experts. We help organisations get more value out of any kind of spatial or geographic data. Our team of GIS and drone survey experts has years of experience in LiDAR, photogrammetry, 3D modelling, site mapping and designing enterprise data solutions. 

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We support our clients every step of the way to ensure their projects are completed according to plan and achieve outstanding results.

GIS Team
  • Map Making including linear assets, site overviews, time series, environmental impact study maps, stylized artistic maps and posters
  • GIS Consulting to enable better strategy and decision-making around GIS data capture, processing, analysis and how GIS can benefit your business.
  • Data Analysis with numerical or spatial data to provide descriptive statistics and identify patterns such as network characteristics and lowest-cost development paths
  • Data Processing such as conversion of data, organization and summarization, data cleaning or rectification, data upgrading, and data discovery
  • Web-Based Map Applications for enabling your customers or employees to leverage the power of real-time spatial data and APIs
  • Web Map Integration where beautiful maps and content can be customized for your website through a simple plugin


Our experts have years of experience in LiDAR surveying and mapping projects across different sectors.

We are specialists in applying remote sensing technology to gather every detail about an area.


Spatial Analysis

We analyze every piece of data, imagery and measurement to deliver customized insights for each project.

Our cloud services integrate and manage GIS data to fulfill future analytical needs and maximize their value.

3D Cloud Platform


Our aerial drone photos are orthorectified to ensure our clients get the most accurate imagery possible.

Powerful visualisation tools to help you understand your data more completely. 

Custom Maps