Our Team


Alvin Zhao


Alvin believes in the value of using innovative technologies to solve every-day business problems, which is the foundation of Vission Technology. Alvin has over 12 years of experience in application management and data analytics, with special emphasis on big data, data processing and real-time systems. Throughout his career, he has led successful data analytics teams in North America, China, Japan and several other countries.

Bin Xu

Bin Xu


Bin has been a successful investor for the past decade. In addition, he has accumulated years of experience in real estate development and investment banking. His education background is in marketing.

Bin Gu

Bin Gu


Over the past 20 years, Bin has focused on the development of 3D mapping software, spatial analysis systems and a location-based service platform. He has also hosted and developed various software products for governments and enterprises around the world.


Brooke Cheng

Director of Operations

Brooke has over 10 years of experience in data platform project management. She previously assisted an ASX-listed car network company to successfully establish a market presence in China, where she implemented the platform and a cross-border payment system. Since 2014, Brooke created and published cloud computing platforms across Australia, Brazil and China.


Jaya Deep Tunuguntla

Business Advisor

Jaya enjoys solving problems via interconnecting knowledge, domains, and capabilities in serving multiple horizontal and vertical markets, providing comprehensive quality and value. His background includes the fields of engineering, medicine, business, technology, information, and research in the private and public sectors. His experience includes analysis, design, development, architecture and management.


Tony Battistel

Manager, Projects & Solutions

Tony has worked in GIS-related technical roles since 2013, and has well-developed skills in data analysis, project management and communication. Tony is passionate about using data and technology to improve our world, and throughout his career he has gained extensive exposure to natural resource-related projects in mining, oil and gas extraction, gas pipelines, water pipelines, environmental impact studies and renewable energy.


Mariya Gorbatenko

Marketing Specialist

Mariya is an enthusiastic, detail-oriented and creative marketing professional with a strong analytical and research skillset. She has more than three years of experience in the field of business administration and visual arts production. At Vission Technology, Mariya plays an integral role in the design process of the company’s projects and marketing materials.


Jackson Chen

Content Specialist

Jackson has over three years of professional experience in content marketing, business journalism and market research. At Vission Technology, he is mainly responsible for creating and managing the company’s online content and marketing materials, as well as social media and communications. In the past, Jackson has worked with a number of public companies in Vancouver to promote their projects through online platforms.


Kelly Xie

Office Manager

Kelly has over 10 years of administrative assistance and project management experience within the IT industry in China and Canada. Prior to joining Vission Technology, she successfully supported the BU’s operation as a senior administrative specialist at both Dell and HP.


Jason Jia

Web Developer

Jason is the chief architect behind website and web application development at Vission Technology. He has a strong background in both hardware and software. As a result, he is able to solve a variety of IT-related problems and provide assistance to our clients. Jason completed his Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science at SFU.


Henry Zhang

Business Developer

Henry comes from an engineering background which has helped him develop strong organizational skills and the ability to execute complex tasks. As a business developer, he has helped to build and promote various products in the technology space and is capable of understanding each client’s needs. He also has a strong background in business marketing and market research in the engineering sector.


Danio Yang


Danio graduated from University of Victoria with a degree in Computer Science. He is currently our developer, providing assistance in various projects.