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Vission Technology stands for innovation. We strive to relentlessly improve upon the status quo in our industry, which means inventing new ways of delivering higher quality services to our customers and producing breakthrough delivery models and services that empower them to do what they do even better.

Vission provides managed IT services and business process consulting for small and medium sized businesses. We offer a wide range of managed services including website development/maintenance, cloud hosting, backup, disaster recovery, VoIP phone, cybersecurity, server monitoring, emergency callouts and more. We also do business and IT strategy consulting specializing in manufacturing and wholesale businesses. We leverage our expertise in business and IT to help clients save money and design more efficient ways for their employees to work, whether this by changing the software they use or by fine-tuning company procedures.

At Vission, our number one focus is providing customized solutions that not only help businesses save time & money, but also give businesses the peace of mind knowing their day to day operations and sensitive data are protected around the clock. Unlike conventional managed services providers, our staff understand the unique requirements for IT in the manufacturing and wholesale sectors and can design custom solutions to save your business time and money while offering unparalleled technical support.

Vission is growing its managed services division from its Vancouver and Toronto offices. We are gaining market share from traditional MSPs by offering services that are better tailored to our clients’ needs. This means they don’t pay for extra services they do not require and achieve significant savings every month. In the next six months we will be hiring several new IT Technicians to support our growing client base. Over the long term, Vission will expand its operations into other cities in BC and Ontario, such as Kelowna, Kamloops, Ottawa and Sudbury.

You can reach Vission by phone, email, webchat, or by coming into our office. Check out our contact page for more information.

IT Services

Vission solves a whole suite of technical problems for our clients. These problems often overlap or are nested inside of larger problems, but here is a short list of some common problems we solve:

  • Paying too much for software
  • Wasting time on technical problems
  • Important data is not backed up or is vulnerable to attack
  • Difficult and unintuitive process for team collaboration
  • Employees are wasting time on things that have already been done
  • Not sure who to call when your computer or server doesn’t work
  • Need a more flexible, less expensive phone system
  • Need to comply with government data or security regulations
  • Need to store files in the cloud
  • Need to run applications in the cloud

Vission has been providing IT services, including consulting, device management, helpdesk support, website design and web hosting for almost 2 years. However, our staff members have over a decade of experience. Our clients consist mainly of small professional services companies and non-profit organizations. All our clients are based in the Greater Vancouver or Greater Toronto areas.

You can learn about Vission’s cloud solutions on our website, or by contacting us. One of our staff will be happy to answer any questions you have. We encourage you to conduct your own research and compare our offerings with our competitors before making a decision.

Yes. In fact, Vission provides complimentary on-site support to all customers that subscribe to our Diamond MSP package. Vission often attends client sites to provide better service, get to know our clients’ businesses better and to understand how employees are using the services we provide. We love talking to customers and helping them understand how powerful managed services can be. They really can make or break a business.

You should choose your service package based on what’s right for you. However, if you’re not familiar with what exactly the services do and how they could help you, it’s often helpful to talk to an expert. You can talk to one of our consultants for free, and they’ll help you create a list of services that would help your business, and prioritize them based on costs and benefits. Our goal is to save you money and boost your productivity, so we’ll never recommend services that won’t get you closer to your business objectives. Vission offers subscription-based and time/materials-based services. We highly recommend the subscription-based model, because of the discounted rates for support and software, and more so for peace of mind you’ll get knowing that you have world class IT services and expert support for a fixed monthly amount.

Typical workers jump in and out of innumerable applications every day, often resulting in double-handling and duplicated work. Could your company benefit from system integration? Find out how Vission can unify your systems and streamline your employees’ workflows.

IT Security

Vission takes data privacy and security very seriously. We treat all client information as strictly confidential. Your information is protected from unauthorized access and from accidental loss with multiple layers of protection. First, your data is stored in world class data centers with 24/7 physical security, concrete walls, steel equipment cages, seismic protection, flood protection and redundant systems for power, fire suppression and network connectivity. The data can only be accessed via SSL/TLS cryptographic protocols and requires two-factor authentication.

Vission uses world class cloud backup infrastructure, so you can expect very high data transfer rates, solid state storage, and industry standard security. We do backup of PCs, servers and VMs as well as disaster recovery. In practice, the only limitation is the speed of your own internet connection.

We want to hear about all your problems, so we do our best to make it easy to report problems. You can report a problem by phone, through our web chat, via email or by logging in to our dedicated customer portal.

Vission usually responds in less than half an hour, but we guarantee a response in less than 4 hours for 90% of incoming tickets. After we respond we start working to solve your issue, and this can take anywhere from a few minutes for critical issues to a few days for low priority issues. Vission guarantees that critical priority issues will be resolved in less than 4 business hours at least 90% of the time.


Vission attends technology conferences held nationwide on a regular basis, most of which are targeted towards Business Analysts, Project Managers, Developers, IT Infrastructure and more. We also hold a comprehensive database of IT talent with individuals who will be interviewed, have already been interviewed or have been successfully placed in a role.

The first step is having a discovery meeting. This includes finding out what your needs are for a specific role and prioritizing the items on your wish list. During the meeting we will also draw up a list of potential values by studying the company culture and meeting the people within the organization to make sure there is more than just a technical fit. Next we will build a job description that will be posted on various social media and online outlets. We pre-screen our candidates before you meet them and make sure they are up to the standards of your company to interview. The rest is all dependent on your company-specific recruitment process. We can conduct technical testing for candidates before interviews and also have the candidate’s references fill out a questionnaire of your choice.

The entire process can take as little as a week or as long as a few months. This timeframe may vary with the specificity of your requirements and the market demand for similar roles.

For all enquiries please contact our Recruitment Specialist, at 604-370-5198.

Let’s talk about what IT can do for your business.

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