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Using drones to service the mining industry

For years the mining industry has been considered one of the largest sectors in Canada, contributing to nearly 20% of its GDP. As a renowned “mining nation” Canada will continue to face a strong demand for innovative mining solutions to keep up with the industry’s growth and impact.

As a Canadian-based GIS pioneer, Vission Technology is dedicated to bringing technological solutions that are fast, clean, safe and cost-efficient to our clients in Canada’s mining sector. Our propriety software enables mine operators to conduct point cloud analysis and 3D visualization for even the most complex environments.

We have also joined forces with LiDAR Canada to leverage their expertise in drone surveying to provide a complete spatial data solutions and service package.

What We Do

Drone Surveying

Drones are an ideal tool to survey large and complex areas of land – which is why they are a staple in today’s mining world. We capture and combine multiple data types to provide information for process improvement and decision making. All Vission’s drone operators are all Special Flight Ops Certified (SFOC) by Transport Canada.

  • LiDAR point clouds
  • Colour orthophoto
  • Photogrammetry
  • Thermal/Infrared
  • Multi spectral

Mobile GIS Data Capture App

When human intelligence is needed on the ground, a mobile data collection app is faster and reduces errors compared to paper-based methods. Our mobile application integrates seamlessly with any GIS and can be customized to your specific needs. 

  • Real-time synchronization
  • Custom forms to suit your workflow
  • Easily attach photos and videos
  • Work anywhere (no internet connection required)

GIS Processing & Analysis

Knowing how to interpret and leverage geospatial data can lead to powerful insights. This is especially true in mining where the terrain impacts every decision. Vission provides spatial analysis and consulting expertise.

  • 3D elevation models (DEM)
  • Bare earth/terrain models (DTM)
  • Surface models (DSM)
  • Point cloud to raster conversion
  • Image orthorectification
  • Image to vector digitization
  • Image segmentation
  • Tree and building classification
  • Watercourse mapping
  • Flood modelling
  • Elevation contours
  • Route planning
  • CAD to GIS

Asset and Data Management

Whether it is mobile assets like haul trucks, fixed assets like ore processing mills, or a library of spatial data, we provide the analytical support for managers to make the most of it. Vission builds on the power of Archibus to deliver comprehensive and intuitive solutions for managing all types of data and assets.

  • Asset life-cycle planning/analysis
  • Preventive maintenance and scheduling
  • Building operations
  • Asset location intelligence
  • Interior space planning
  • Cloud and on-premises options

Extracting minerals from the Earth is an expensive endeavor, which is why the deployment of drones has become increasingly popular among mine managers worldwide.

Aerial data provide a powerful visual representation of any mining site, helping operators save both time and money. Drones can survey projects that once took days or even weeks using traditional techniques in just a few hours. This also eliminates the need for externally sourced imagery.

The ability to produce large, accurate data sets from distance in such a short time is invaluable to the industry.

3D Mapping & Modelling

With high-resolution imagery and 3D models, mine operators are empowered with precise visualizations and measurements to make optimized decisions.

Geospatial Data Analysis

Data is king – this saying applies perfectly to the mining world. Drone-based data collection and analysis can greatly bolster the efficiency of the mining process.

Stockpile Inventory Assessment

Having accurate and timely information about your assets makes planning easier. Aerial surveying can be used as an auditing tool for the quantity of materials on site.